NCR Sets, Pads and Books

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The material is treated with a coating which reacts to pressure of a ball point pen, pencil or dot matrix printer.

NCR stands for "No Carbon Required".  Also known as Carbonless Paper, the material is treated with a coating which reacts to pressure of a ball point pen, pencil or dot matrix printer.  Glued together, NCR sheets are made into sets or pads. NCR books are made by perforating the sheet or sheets to be removed leaving the un perforated copy in the book. NCR replaces the need for carbon paper.

Carbonless Forms (NCR) are produced in 2 to 5 part. These are produced as single sets or made into pads or perforated books in all sizes including A6, A5, A4 and A3. They are printed one or both sides in single or full colour and may be supplied consecutively numbered and, if required, round hole punched for easy filing.

Carbonless material is available in white, yellow, pink, green and blue allowing departmental colour coding which may be printed in any order of preference. In addition, NCR white card is available and particularly useful for items such as Job Cards or Record Cards

For economic cost, smaller quantities are digitally printed with larger print runs conventionally litho printed.

Computerised NCR Forms are also available in all sizes to suit all dot matrix printers. Produced in 2 to 5 part they may be printed single or spot colour on one or both sides. Due to the production process, larger quantities are substantially more economical than small runs and the minimum quantity is 1,000.


We are always happy to use clients print ready artworks.  For those without print ready artworks but with samples of a quality suitable for scanning there is no artwork charge.

For those requiring new artworks, or re origination, our team of designers are experienced in all variety of forms and able to provide professional artworks at reasonable cost.

Used for many purposes, the following lists our main products.    Invoices, Statements, Daily Work Sheets, Stock Control Forms, Duty of Care Records, Contracts and Order Forms.