About Printing Services Scotland

In-House Print Production

The business was originally set up in 1983 by Ian Chisnall who had enjoyed a good grounding in the print industry having worked in production, print sales and latterly in management. At that time, the print trade wasn't renowned for good service and Ian’s idea was simply to rectify that situation, albeit in a small way, by setting up a print brokerage combining the buying power of several smaller clients and offering that turnover to given print producers making the brokerage the printers largest client, thereby securing priority treatment and good service for the brokerage’s clients.

By 1988 it was becoming clear that the print industry was changing, and changing for the better.  With a number of the old established print houses disappearing and those remaining having to change their ways, reliability became the watchword and Printing Services (Scotland) Ltd also had to move on.

The decision was made to go into in-house print production.... but with a difference. That difference was to adopt several print production processes to ensure that the most economic process was used depending on the job in hand.  With most printers using only one or possibly two processes, this gave us a competitive edge, which, combined with in-house specialist print finishing ensured we retained in-house control of workflow resulting in faster turn round and cost savings.

Letterpress, Lithography, Silk Screen and Copy Printing processes were all part of the mix, and with in-house perfect binding, cutting & creasing, film and adhesive lamination along with a first class print finishing and binding facility, the business flourished.

Innovation was and remains an important part of the business and we developed several innovative products including "Paper Marking" a form of customised watermarking of business papers and "Micro Imaging" a method of producing extremely fine micro images onto self-adhesive decals supplied in the main to the electronics industry.

Supporting clients wishing to develop their own innovation is another facet of our activities. One example is the "Omega" system which is used internationally to record medical instrument sterilisation in hospital sterilisation units.