Graphic Design Service

Service Information

Corporate Design, Commercial Print Design, Business Forms Design, Editorial Design & Product & Packaging Design.

Graphic design is the process of visual communication using typography, photography and illustration. Creative graphic design can never be overestimated and is the essence of good print media.

Our team of designers are fully qualified and well experienced with each specialising in specific fields.

Corporate Design includes Logos and Branding. Effective business and product branding are essential and plays a major role in conveying the correct image and future growth.

Commercial Print Design includes all aspects of printed Business Stationery, Business Cards, Leaflets, and Brochures etc.

Business Forms Design includes all aspects of Forms origination and Contracts etc.

Editorial Design includes such products as Annual Reports, Magazines, Journals, Newspapers and Books etc. Specialist design skills ensure impact and effective "house" styles that will stand the test of time

Product & Packaging requires the exceptional design and branding essential if products are to succeed in today’s market environment. Second rate branding is money wasted, with professional graphic design being the only real effective option.


When supplying your own artwork, please ensure that your file is set up in CMYK mode

Please supply your artwork at 100% print size. For larger artworks we will accept 50%

To help ensure your printing is produced to the highest quality please supply your artwork in a PDF format

If Jpegs are provided, please ensure they are to the highest resolution possible which is 300dpi minimum at 100% print size. Images saved from websites are usually between 72 and 96dpi and unsuitable for printing.

If your artwork is too large to attach, please use a free file transfer service such as or
Please ensure that your artwork is exactly as you require it to print. We do not check your artwork for spelling or grammar or other errors. It is important that you check your artwork carefully before sending it to us for printing.